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About Us

In 1977, Ross and Kevin Merkle began living the American Dream. Out of a room in their home, they started building K&R Painting. Their foundation was great customer service, hard work, and honesty. In 1982, Kevin left the company after being offered a union position. Ross continued to build a strong foundation for what would soon become a major player in the painting industry.

By 1989, K&R had outgrown their home office. Ross moved the business to a small building in South West Champaign where he continued to grow. After several years he was offered an opportunity to purchase land on Staley Road and Rt. 10, thus Ross Merkle Storage was created. Sixteen years, 14 buildings, and 203 units later Ross is still growing and following his dreams. With another two buildings under construction and plans for another six, business is great.
After 33 years as a small business owner, Ross has never lost sight of who got him t o this point - his dedicated employees and customers.